he circles me,

casting shadows,

burning my eyes.

His imperfect projections 

follow me,

pressing into

every inch

of every room,


for position,

demanding a place at the table

of my thoughts.


He is the beautiful disaster that drives us both

to tears.


Burdened by my own endless worries,

I try to convince him

he is not similarly afflicted.

Stumbling over my ghosts,

I am unsuccessful.


We are two sides of the same dizzying, spinning coin.


I am swimming against the tide of his emotional river.

I am battered by the rocks of his fears.

I am drowning in self-recrimination.

I am one breath away from going under


he reads Harry Potter to the cat,

joins the girl sitting alone in the lunchroom,

helps his teacher after class…


his earnest, honest, open heart blossoms

in front of me,

casting a warm glow on my face…

and then:

I know

we’ll be okay.

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