My Pre-Election Thoughts About Hillary Clinton

This was shared on Medium…

“I was more than a little aggravated in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was “encouraged” to step aside for Barack Obama to accept the Democratic nomination for president. Not because I disliked Obama, but because I was so tired of women having to take a backseat to men. I also worried that Hillary’s chances for success would be diminished after 8 years. I’m thrilled to see how wrong I was.

I admire Hillary Clinton tremendously. Hillary Clinton has exhibited an unparalleled level of intellectual, political and emotional stamina. She has been attacked and vilified for 20 plus years, and yet she keeps marching forward. She is indomitable and in that, she is inspiring.

I am deeply offended when my support for Hillary is dismissed or diminished as being based primarily or solely on her gender when it is actually based on so much more. My support is based on Hillary’s spirit and strength, her policies and passion, her intellect and confidence.

Hillary is endlessly attacked and then deeply mistrusted for prevailing in the face of those attacks. Hillary is demonized and marginalized because she is an apologetically ambitious and interminably tough.

Hillary is attacked and mistrusted in ways that I have personally experienced from both genders in my own life and in the lives of other women I know. And although her detractors’ dislike of her strength can be based on her gender, my admiration of her strength cannot.

But I do not support Hillary Clinton because she is a female presidential candidate. I support Hillary because she is a talented, intelligent, articulate, and competent presidential candidate.

I see in Hillary the resilience that keeps women alive around the world. In fact, I believe Hillary is offensive and threatening because she is the display and embodiment of the strength that quietly resides in every woman.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is evidence of the intelligence and independence that many fear exists in the women around them. Hillary exhibits on a public stage the same sheer will that enables women every day to survive sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex-based discrimination, domestic violence, social trivialization and professional marginalization. The facts may vary, but in many ways, the story is the same.

Hillary remains standing despite attacks on her character, her gender, her appearance, her motives, and her marriage. Hillary remains steady despite the attacks on her performance not only as a politician, but as a wife and mother as well.

Although my background and life path differs from Hillary Clinton’s, I nonetheless identify with her when she is assailed by people who want her to suffer and be shamed for having the audacity to not only survive, but to fight for that survival.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but neither is anyone else.

Hillary is flawed but Hillary is a fighter. The fighter in me recognizes and respects the fighter in her. And make no mistake, the first female president of our country will have to be a fighter.

I want Hillary Clinton to be President because she is pragmatic, experienced and indefatigable. I want my sons to see Hillary Clinton as an example of what women can accomplish but I am simultaneously saddened because my sons will also be witness to the persistent, pervasive misogyny that still permeates our society and its institutions.

I realize that Hillary’s election is just the beginning and not the end. But we’ve been waiting a long time for this time to begin. I’m ready and as painful as it might be, I think America is ready too.”

How wrong I was (with regards to be last sentence).

2 thoughts on “My Pre-Election Thoughts About Hillary Clinton

    1. Thank you, E! My Nanowrimo has been abruptly interrupted by this travesty. I’m busy trying to mobilize and connect women around me to act on their anger, their disappointment. This is not the end, it’s just the beginning!!


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