I saw a clip from Frontline that seemed to suggest that the impetus for Trump’s run was being humiliated by Obama at the Press Corps Dinner several years ago. Basically, Trump was fuming and probably thinking, “You’re all laughing now, but I’m going to have the last laugh.”

When he was elected, and I was so enraged and stayed up all night working on the Pantsuits’ regional chapter group, I thought to myself, “laugh now, idiot, but WE ARE GOING to have the last laugh.” I have not felt this angry and inspired in years. And I see that I am not alone in that. Just as he was compelled to act from that night, so too are we compelled to act from election night.

We lost this battle but we will win this war. And ten or twenty years from now they will document the beginning of our social change movement and they will trace it back to the presidential election of 2016.

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