This is what freedom looks like, Texas.

This is my third protest installment.  I seem to always be writing and posting shortly before midnight, and I’m starting to suspect that there are more optimal times to publish a blog.  I could “schedule” to publish later, but I’m a terribly impatient person, so, it is what it is.

Immediately after the election, I had created a meet-up to bring together progressives who were anxious to show up, in person, in real life, to voice dissent to the Trump administration.  We had named our group the Liberty Tree (in an effort, in part, to reappropriate our revolutionary heritage), but many of us came from the newly formed Pantsuit Republic (the Texas action-oriented arm born of our membership in Pantsuit Nation prior to the election).

Now it seems that our Collin County/North Dallas group is morphing into Indivisible TX-3 (for the third Texas congressional district), a part of the Indivisible group.  I share this with you simply because I am marveling at the powerfully fluid process of grassroots movements.  We are swimming in a sea of resistance, my friend, and the tide is swelling.

As a fledgling protester, I wanted to share some observations.

When I left my temp job to go to Senator Cornyn’s Dallas office at lunch, I didn’t know if I would see or find anyone I knew.  But the beauty of activism is that you don’t have to know anyone.  When you show up with your sign or just willing to answer (“Fight Back”) a call (“Stand Up!”), you are immediately among friends.  Today, there were about 250 people present (as part of Trump Tuesdays), most of whom did not know each other, yet there was not a stranger present.  It is really so much more comforting and welcoming than I ever could have imagined.

If you are thinking about showing up to some random protest, do it.  Even if you come alone, realize that you will not be alone once you come.

I made a FB Live video, asking participants why they came.  Many came because they opposed Devos as possible education secretary.  We all see her appointment for what it is:  dismantling public education so we can further divide Americans between the wealthy and the poor.  Others were there because they see our democracy devolving into an oligarchy.  We are not melodramatic, we are observant.

I then thought about and answered my own question…

I came this afternoon because I wanted Trump to know that the Women’s marches were just the beginning.  I want him, and all the Republicans who support him, to realize that their opposition is just warming up.

I also came because the best way to protect a right is to exercise it.  I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that my right to assemble and protest has been significantly abridged.  If you are going to restrict my rights, I will be a witness to that process.  I will not lose a right from lack of interest or inadvertence.  You will pry my rights from my cold, dead hands.  And that is what makes me a quintessential American.

When we walk, carry signs and chant, we are performing a civic duty.   We are preserving the rights that our forefathers and foremothers fought to secure for this new nation.  And every person who has come to America and who identifies with its freedoms has an obligation to fight oppression.

To Trump and the merry idiots supporting him, I offer this warning:  revolution is our inheritance–more so than any other country in the history of the world.  We are revolutionaries.  We resist and oppose and dissent and, ultimately, we prevail.  

At Cruz’s office last week, we had 40 people.  Today, at Cornyn’s office, we had 250.  Every week we will have more.

Senators, we are just warming up.

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