Low Cost But Meaningful Christmas Gifts for My Teen

‚ÄčI am a single parent who doesn’t have very much money this Christmas. Makig matters worse is that my oldest son’s birthday is on December 28.

I had $50 for his gifts. Amazingly, or perhaps I should say predictably, inspiration came for gifts whose sentimental value exceeded their purchase price.

I bought the following items for the following reasons (which I’m going to write in small attached cards):

A mini globe ($10) to remind him that there is a whole world of opportunities and people out there. Whenever he feels stuck, he needs to step back and look at the big picture. There is always more to our lives than we usually see in the moment.

A mini lantern ($5) to encourage him to always look for the light in the darkness. And to remind him that sometimes he will have to be that light, for himself and for others.

A compass ($15) to help him discover his personal true north, i.e., the values that he can’t compromise on. Once he knows what those are, I am hoping every decision he makes is guided by those values. (Mine are compassion and hope.)

A small hourglass ($10) to remind him that time is precious and goes by too fast. I am hoping he learns the value of time management and in so doing manages to live a life without regretting how he spent the time behind him.

I’m really proud of these and I hope he will love them… 

If you are tight on cash, I encourage you to think about small gifts with big meaning.

Happy holidays, my friends.